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Early Learning Center

What is the right age for admission into SNA Montessori?
Please refer to the table below:


2-3 years old

3-4 years old

4-5 years old

5-6 years old


Playgroup 1

Playgroup 2

Kindergarten 1

Kindergarten 2


An allowance of 3 months below the age stated in the table above is given. For example, a child who is 22 months old by 1 July (born before 1 September) will be automatically admitted into SNA Montessori Playgroup 1 Level. Those born after 1 September has to be evaluated and obtain special approval from the Principal to be admitted into SNA Montessori.

All children with special needs must be evaluated and obtain special approval from the Principal to be admitted into SNA.
My child is underaged, can he/she still be enrolled into SNA Montessori?
All underaged children (below 22 months old by 1 July) must be evaluated and obtain special approval from the Principal to be admitted into SNA Montessori. Upon admission, the child’s progress will be monitored closely by teachers. If the child is found to be emotionally unready to proceed to the next level, he might be asked to repeat the same level in the following academic year.
Can my child be accompanied by his nanny in the classroom?
SNA allows the presence of nannies only during the first week of school. For special medical cases, parents have to obtain permission from the Principal.
What are the differences in attending class for 3 or 5 times a week?
Attending classes 3 times a week will give very young children time to adjust to their new environment. Within a few months, parents may choose to let their child attend class 5 times a week if the child has already adjusted to the school. Children from 3 to 5 years old should go to school regularly 5 times a week. At this time, they can easily adjust to their new environment and achieve effective learning.
Who would be interacting with my child in school?
Your child will have about 20 other classmates, one main expatriate Montessori teacher, assisted by three Indonesian co-teachers (for Playgroup Level) or two co-teachers (for Kindergarten Level). There will also be one English Language and one Chinese Language teachers to teach them for 5 – 6 hour per week. We also provide two nannies for further assistance.
Would my child get a break during lessons?
Yes. We have a 30-minute break and snacks are provided. There are also frequent toilet breaks for your child in between lessons.

Entry Point

Will an Admission Test be administered to my child?
Students enrolling into Primary 2 Level or above will need to take Admissions (Placement) Tests in English, Mathematics and Science.
My child has no foundation in English or Chinese Language, will he be able to cope in SNA?
SNA provides English and Chinese Language Bridging Courses. For new students supplementary lessons will be conducted after school hours, twice a week for each subject. New students need about 6 months to a year to adjust to the new learning environment, and to master the fundamental knowledge of the subject.

SNA’s curriculum is structured, systematic and very rigorous. Students need to be highly motivated to learn in order to excel in their studies. Parental support is hence extremely important for the child’s success.

International Examinations

Are International Examinations compulsory?
International Primary School Leaving Examination (iPSLE), which is equivalent to Singapore PSLE, is compulsory for all Primary 6 Students. The examination fees are FULLY SUBSIDISED by the school.

Secondary 4 and Pre University 2 studends are strongly encouraged and recommended to sit for the O Level and A Level examinations respectively.
What benefits are there if my child were to sit for such International Examinations?
International examinations serve as good benchmarking for our students to assess what they have learnt in school. The certificates are international recognised and very highly regarded for admission into universities and institutions of higher learning worldwide.


Will my child be able to take UNAS if he studies in SNA? How far will the school provide assistance to my child?
The school focuses on the Singapore curriculum from Primary - Pre University Levels. However, SNA also provides subjects that are required by DIKNAS, such as Religious Studies (Pendidikan Agama), PPKN and Bahasa Indonesia.

SNA will assist in all necessary administration processes to facilitate our students to sit for UNAS Examinations.
If I plan to send my child to a National School, at what levels should he take UNAS?
Students who wish to pursue their studies in National Schools at higher levels must take UNAS at Primary 6, Secondary 3 and Pre University 2 Levels.

Children with Special Needs

Does SNA accept students with special needs?
All students with special needs must be assessed by our school's psychologist and Principal. Final approval from the Principal must be obtained prior to admission to SNA.

Where necessary, the school may recommend parents to engage a shadow teacher.
What kind of assistance is provided by SNA for students with special needs?
SNA does not provide professional therapy or intervention programmes for such children. The school assists in providing basic counseling or simple therapy to help these children when necessary. Parents are advised to work closely with certified professional counsellors or therapists to improve their children's performance. These professional counsellors or therapists will then work very closely with our school's counsellors to assist these children in school.