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Principal's Message

Academic Year 2016 - 2017

Dear SNA Community,

Welcome to the 2017 Academic Year. As always our number 1 priority at SNA is ensuring that your child is receiving the best possible education for both the mind as well as character.

Across our 12 Year Journey there are many different programs catering to the various stage of development that our students are at. The management team along with Mr. Simon analyzed and developed these programs in order to provide platforms for our students to engage with themselves and others in meaningful and reflective ways. Please do take a moment and meet with our Dean of Holistic Programs, Mr. Stuart Ellis to discover which programs are best suited for your child.

Academically, we are continuing to move forward with another year of excellent IPSLE & CIE results under our belt which has led our graduating students to acceptance at many top Universities around the world.

As always, the management team at SNA looks forward to hearing from you with suggestions or ideas that will benefit our students.

Peter Araman
SNA Management