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We treat each child as a UNIQUE INDIVIDUAL

who needs to be stretched to achieve his/her OPTIMUM POTENTIAL

SNA Montessori’s curriculum nurtures your child’s creativity, self confidence, independence and love of learning. Highly supervised by International, Certified Montessori-Trained Teachers, your child will develop self discipline, strong academic foundations and effective communication skills.

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5 Main Areas of Our Montessori Curriculum

Parents' Testimonial

Every child is encouraged to reach his full potential with a focus on both holistic and character development; not just academic success which equips the students with fundamental life-skills.

Nadine Fechter, (Parent of Jayson Collin Ryan Fechter, PG2 Main Campus)

ELC Parents Testimonials

Rachel grows to become aware of her surroundings as she develops more abilities, motor skills and knowledge. She also shows noticeable skills in language, shapes, numbers and even Chinese. Rachel loves her morning exercises, singing , and dancing activities, which are incorporated  brilliantly in SNA Montessori’s curriculum. After joining SNA, Rachel has gained a lot of social skills interacting with her peers. She enjoys the teaching and warm ambience at school. Excellent support from the teachers also makes her feel secure and confident. Being the youngest child in the family, Rachel is always attached to me, but SNA teachers and staff have outdone themselves in showing attentive affection that she needs. Thank you SNA West!

Mrs. Susiana (Mother of Rachel Denise of West Campus)

ELC Parents Testimonials

We choose SNA because we want Killy to have an education that emphasizes on science based on rational and universal values. Since Killy joined SNA, she has shown much progress. Although she cried a lot at the beginning, she is now more confident and finds it easier to get along with new people. And has also learned to respect others. She loves her school, teachers, and her new surroundings very much. I believe that SNA and its impeccable standard in education with help Killy maximize her potential, to become a global citizen who is ready to face all minds of challenges the future might bring.

Mrs. Camelia Permadi (Mother of Killy of West Campus)

ELC Parents Testimonials

It is such a delight watching my two children getting so excited for school every morning. They love their school, friends and teachers.
SNA provides various facilities and wonderful teachers to make the teaching and learning fun, hence it doesn't make the kids bored. Thanks to SNA for bringing joy in their learnings. Proud parents of Declan and Naomi of Main Campus.

Imelda Agustine (Mother of Declan and Naomi Wong of Main Campus)

ELC Parents Testimonials

My daughter is 2 years old when she started school in SNA Montessori. Now, she's 3 1/2 years old and I see lots of improvements in her. Despite being involved in my daughter's daily life and education, she managed to surprise me with things she learned from school. One day, she proudly showed and told me, "Look mommy! I can fold my own shirt by myself." For the past one and a half year, SNA Montessori has not only been providing my daughter with just an education, but also enriching her skill with more hands on experiences that build her character to be a future leader.

Lilian Oen (Mother of Eloise Anaya Hendriadi of Main Campus)

ELC Parents' Testimonials

I found that SNA has been providing a supporting environment to boost my boys' interest in learning. My older son Bentley in PG-2 has gained a lot of confidence in public performing. His achievement in academic area has been  amazing as well. My younger son Max in PG-1 has also grown to love school, his teachers, and his friends. You can say that I'm pretty much a happy mom!

ELC Parents' Testimonials

"What I appreciate the most from SNA is the fact that it provides a supporting and stimulating environment for my kids' potential growth. I can see a very promising progress in my older child, who is now in PG-2. He was a quite shy boy in nature, but he is now becoming a very confident boy, who is very quick to voice his opinions. His academic progress is very good. SNA Montessori approach is very stimulating and is excellent for young learners. The field trips were also great. Keep up the good work, SNA!"

Mrs. Jeanny Tanoto (Mother of Bentley and Max of West Campus)

ELC Parents' Testimonials

“I find SNA Montessori to have one of the best school environments in Surabaya, with international standards facilities. I would not have chosen any other school for my children.”

Mrs. Fanny Liaw (Mother of Andersonn and Allyson at South Campus)

ELC Parents' Testimonials

“SNA Montessori has helped my children in building their characters, academic and social skills. My children have enjoyed every activity that was offered at SNA Montessori. Most importantly, SNA Montessori has given my children the foundation of a true education of the mind and soul through passionate and compassionate teachers.”

Mrs. Fanni Susilo (Mother of Kelley and Jayden at South Campus)

ELC Parents' Testimonials

“SNA Montessori has provided a wonderful and nurturing educational experience for my children. My two children have been studying in SNA for only a year and a half, and I could not be happier with the progress they have made in their developments, learning and social skills. SNA Montessori provides an excellent pre-school curriculum that are both engaging and enriching. In addition, SNA also has a team of dedicated teachers who are thoughtful, energetic and show professionalism towards teaching the children. Overall, I am positive that SNA Montessori will lay a very strong foundation for my children’s future learning process.”

Mrs. Lenny Triana (Mother of Hayley and Hayden of West Campus)

ELC Parents' Testimonials

“During our school searching for our son, we found that SNA is the one. We were looking for a school with international based curriculum that is still anchored with Asian values that emphasizes on discipline. When our son, Shawn had a trial in SNA, we immediately decided that this school meets our criteria. Right now, Shawn is in K1 level and so far, we are very satisfied with his academics and the teachers of SNA.”

Mr. & Mrs. Skorpianto Koeswandi (parents of Shawn of West Campus)