The PIAGET 12-Year Education Journey (P12YEJ) has been our foundation in terms of either creating or developing every extracurricular (CCA), after school activity (ASA) or any non-academic program to fit each student’s interests and talents. SNA’s CCA and ASA are designed not only to nurture the children’s different passions as an unique individual but also to develop the student’s sense of culture and community.

This program hits the PIAGET values in different sets of activities outside the classroom which helps the students to be more creative and innovative in making up the different kinds of drills. Throughout the program each student will have the freedom to come up with their own activities on how they will share knowledge to their peers. The student will also learn perseverance and resilience in handling various situations and meeting their set out expectations. They will have the chance to work with people possessing different strengths, help others to succeed using their strengths, pursue a healthy lifestyle and even develop their strengths in others.

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