Since its establishment in 2004, Singapore National Academy, a renowned school in Surabaya, has consistently been an advocate for and has actively revitalised Chinese education. To further advance the ongoing progress of Chinese education, SNA held the first Chinese Writing Competition in 2010. Through unwavering dedication, this competition has evolved and expanded, transitioning from a writing-focused event to a comprehensive Chinese language talent competition, encompassing the domains of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Chinese Language Talent Competition

Over the years, the number of participants in the competition has seen remarkable growth, starting with 76 contestants in its inaugural year and reaching an impressive 891 participants in 2019. Singapore National Academy remains committed to organising this competition as a nonprofit and educational endeavour, upholding the values of transparency, impartiality, and integrity. As a result, this event has garnered recognition from various sectors of society.

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