The SNA CUP is a sports tournament held regularly by the National Academy, inviting elementary, middle, and high school students from Surabaya, Sidoarjo, and its surrounding areas. One of the shareholders involved in the event is Alim Markus. The SNA CUP has been running for several years now.

In the perspective of holistic education at Singapore National Academy (SNA), sports play a very important role. These sports classes not only focus on physical health but also aim to encourage children to develop a positive self-image, high productivity and abundant energy.

The SNA CUP, organised by Singapore National Academy, is a sports tournament that brings together students from elementary, middle and high schools in Surabaya, Sidoarjo, and its nearby regions. The tournament has been a successful tradition for several years.

Sports hold a significant place in SNA’s holistic education approach. These sports go beyond promoting physical health; they also cultivate positive self-image and enhanced productivity, empowering students to face life’s challenges with confidence and resilience.

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