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Y7 - Y12

Excellence in preparation for university, employment, and life

The Cambridge International curriculum is widely recognised for its excellence in preparing students for their future university, employment and life. It offers a diverse range of subjects, allowing students to explore various topics and make informed decisions about their future path. Additionally, this curriculum emphasises the development of critical thinking skills from an early age, equipping students with a valuable lifelong skill set.

Providing a true picture of a student’s ability

The assessments conducted under the Cambridge curriculum aim to provide an accurate reflection of students’ abilities. They are designed to be fair, valid, reliable, and practicable. Instead of solely evaluating surface-level knowledge, the Cambridge curriculum places emphasis on students’ in-depth understanding of subjects, their conceptual understanding, and their capacity for critical thinking.

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A lifetime value for education and employment

Cambridge qualifications hold global recognition, acknowledged by more than 1,400 universities across the world. These credentials are not only accepted by every university in the UK, but also by over 600 universities in the US, including prestigious institutions like Ivy League universities.Additionally, countries like Canada, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Germany, and the Netherlands also welcome students with Cambridge certificates. Both universities and employers value Cambridge qualifications as strong indicators of academic excellence.

Promoting good learning habits

Cambridge students are nurtured to engage in reflective practices, empowering them to cultivate self-assurance and a strong foundation in their knowledge, while remaining receptive to fresh ideas and opinions. They are encouraged to take ownership of their learning journey, fostering personal responsibility and productivity in both educational and professional endeavours.





Anak Highschool
Anak Highschool




SNA has held the certification as an authorised SAT Test Centre by the College Board since 2013. This accreditation allows SNA students, as well as students from other schools, to conveniently take the SAT test at our Main Campus.

Hanyu Shuiping

Kaoshi (HSK)

Test Centre

The Hanyu Shulping Kaoshi (HSK) is an international standardised examination designed to assess the proficiency of non-native speakers in using Chinese language effectively in various aspects of their lives, including daily interactions, academics and professional setting. This is a good platform for students who are interested in furthering their studies in China.

All subjects, assessments, and skills acquired during Years 7-10 are specifically designed to equip our students with the necessary knowledge and experience, ensuring they approach the IGCSE years with self-assurance and confidence.

Core Subjects

  • English Language
  • Chinese Language / Foreign Language (French/German)
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Global Perspectives
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Bahasa Indonesia

Non-Core Subjects

  • Art and Design
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • PPKn
  • Religious Studies
  • Career Guidance

Core Subjects (students must take at IGCSE Level)

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Biology/Physics/Chemistry (Choose at least 1 Science Subjects)
  • Chinese Language/Foreign Language (French/German)(Choose 1 Second Language subject)
  • Business / ICT / Global Perspectives

Non-Core Subjects

  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Physical Education
  • PPKn
  • Religious Studies
  • Career Guidance
  • Students must take these non-core subjects together with their 7 subjects for CAIE IGCSE

Core Subjects (students must take at CAIE AS/A Level)

  • General Paper
  • Mathematics
  • Further Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Business Studies
  • Information Technology
  • Media Studies

Non-Core Subjects

  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • Physical Education
  • PPKn
  • Religious Studies
  • Career Guidance

    Students must take these non-core subjects together with their subjects for CAIE AS/A Level Examinations.

We provide customised services designed to alleviate the stress and apprehension associated with student’s future, higher education, and university application.

University Acceptence Counselor

SNA has appointed a highly qualified counsellor to deliver comprehensive support to our students in terms of preparing for overseas studies, conducting regular counselling sessions and providing assistance with university applications.


University of California Berkeley
University of Manchester
University of Sheffield
University of Melbourne
University McGill
University of Sydney
University of New South Wales
University of Toronto Scarborough
University of British Columbia
University Monash
University of Washington

  • University of Sheffield (world rank #9 QS Ranking 2024)
  • UC Berkeley (world rank #10 QS Ranking 2024)
  • University of Melbourne (world rank #14 QS Ranking 2024)
  • University of Sydney (world rank #19 QS Ranking 2023)
  • University of New South Wales (world rank #19 QS Ranking 2024)
  • University of Toronto (world rank #21 QS Ranking 2024)
  • McGill University (world rank #30 QS Ranking 2023)
  • University of Manchester (world rank #32 QS Ranking 2024)
  • University of British Columbia (world rank #34 QS Ranking 2024)
  • Monash University (world rank #42 QS Ranking 2024)
  • Zhejiang University (world rank #44 QS Ranking 2024)
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong Shenzhen (world rank #47 QS Ranking 2024)
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (world rank #60 QS Ranking 2024)
  • UC San Diego (world rank #62 QS Ranking 2024)
  • University of Washington (world rank #63 QS Ranking 2024)
  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (world rank #64 QS Ranking 2024)
  • University of Warwick (world rank #67 QS Ranking 2023)
  • University of Western Australia (world rank #72 QS Ranking 2024)
  • University of Leeds (world rank #75 QS Ranking 2024)
  • University of Glasgow (world rank #76 QS Ranking 2024)
  • University of Southampton (world rank #81 QS Ranking 2024)
  • University of Technology Sydney (world rank #90 QS Ranking 2024)
  • Boston University (world rank #93 QS Ranking 2024)
  • University of Nottingham (world rank #100 QS Ranking 2024)
  • University of Sheffield (world rank #104 QS Ranking 2024)
  • University of Alberta (world rank #111 QS Ranking 2023)
  • UC Davis (world rank #132 QS Ranking 2024)
  • RMIT University (world rank #140 QS Ranking 2024)
  • University of Exeter (world rank #153 QS Ranking 2024)
  • University of College London (world rank #153 QS Ranking 2024)
  • University of Reading (world rank #169 QS Ranking 2024)
  • University of Liverpool (world rank #176 QS Ranking 2024)
  • University of Sussex (world rank #218 QS Ranking 2024)
  • Swinburne University (world rank #285 QS Ranking 2024)
  • Universitas Airlangga (world rank #345 QS Ranking 2024)
  • University of the Philippines (world rank #404 QS Ranking 2024)
  • Oxford Brookes University (world rank #413 QS Ranking 2024)
  • Singapore University of Technology and Design (world rank #429 QS Ranking 2023)
  • Coventry University (world rank #571 QS Ranking 2024)
  • Nottingham Trent University (world rank #595 QS Ranking 2024)
  • University of West England Bristol
  • Pepperdine University
  • Biola University
  • LaSalle College of the Arts
  • JMC Academy, Australia
  • PES College
  • Ghandi Institute of Technology and Management
  • Chinese Culture University, Taiwan
  • Bentley University
  • Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
  • Shih Chien University, Taiwan
  • Universitas Hang Tuah
  • University of Wolverhampton
  • Xi’an Jia Tong Liverpool University China
  • Breda University
  • William Angliss Institute, Australia
  • Asia Europe Business School
  • Fraser International College, Canada

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    • Identification of personal career goals
    • Identification of personal interest, strength, and potentials
    • College programme research (identification of countries, universities and majors)
    • IGCSE Level Courses selection for Year 9-10

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    • IGCSE Examinations preparation
    • Continue to identify universities, majors and career options
    • Personal Statement preparation
    • University Supplemental Essays preparation
    • Overseas Summer College Programme

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    • University application preparation and process
    • Intensive exit examinations and Standardised Test preparations (AS/A Level, SAT/IELTS, etc)

  • Alumni Spotlight - First

    The time spent in SNA is truly a pleasant journey. This is actually the place where I started to fall in love with biology and chemistry, which then in turn made me become interested in medicine!

    Not only did we learn from the textbooks, but we also got to do a variety of hands-on experiments, which were really fun and unforgettable! Apart from that, during my stay at SNA, I got to meet classmates and teachers coming from different countries, which actually opened up an international environment for me and helped me gain new perspectives! These lovely people are definitely the most valuable treasure that I have ever had in life!

    Sandra, Liang Yu-San (2009)

    National Taiwan University,

    Medicine Department

    Currently Working at NTU Hospital

    post graduate year 2

  • Michelle Koesmono

    The experiences I had at SNA prepared me with necessary skills that I utilise until today in the university and my workplace. It was by God's grace that I am able to continue my studies at UC Berkeley's Haas School of Business. I was blessed with the chance to unite all Indonesian students across the various schools and institutions in the SF Bay Area and facilitate a home away from home as president of Persatuan Mahasiswa Indonesia di Amerika Serikat (PERMIAS) in San Francisco Bay Area. Serving as one of the directors at PERMIAS Nasional, I managed to extend my network beyond the SF Bay Area and work with people who carry great potentials

    SNA played a huge role in my education. I had the pleasure of serving SNA's Student Council when I began as a member and was elected to be the vice president and finally the president. Each of these roles equipped me with different skill sets that I still implement within my roles today, from becoming a cooperative team member, initiating individual projects, to leading a whole team. I also had the chance to meet and work outside of SNA with business representatives on partnership opportunities for our school events. These experiences helped me hone my organisational, communication, and leadership skills.

    Besides that, my deep empathy grew during my time raising funds and volunteering for homeless people with Habitat for Humanity Indonesia. I realised how blessed I was to be able to build a home for a family in need.

    Being part of the basketball team, SNA Sabres, also taught me that we can never win alone. Another sport I tried during my time at SNA was golf.

    As for academics, I was grateful to be given the choice of which classes I wanted to enrol at senior high. That allowed me to explore my passion and prepare me for my career path. I chose to highlight my non-academic activities because despite how crucial those straight As are, your capabilities stretch far beyond your grades.

    Cherish your high school days! It is a time where you will get to know your friends best and build your support system. I am proud to be an SNA alumna and I hope to see my fellow SNA alumni thrive in the real world together. Always do your best, and let God do the rest.

    Michelle Koesmono

    Business Adminitration

    University of California

    Berkeley - Haas School of Business

    United States

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