Since our Grand Opening in 2005, SNA has developed trusted and reliable facilities for students, teachers and members of the school. We continue to learn and maintain our facilities from our experience, and we thank all those who have contributed to the development of SNA over the years.

We are confident that the school’s operation will foster solidarity among students, teachers and the whole school community and will enhance the overall education quality by providing excellent facilities.

SNA is fully equipped with air-conditioned, modern school facilities, advanced IT infrastructures, stimulating classrooms and “Learning Corners”, as well as spacious outdoor facilities. These international standard facilities provide a joyful, stimulating and secure environment for study, sport and recreation.

South Campus - 1
South Campus - 2
South Campus - 3
South Campus - 4
South Campus - 5
South Campus - 6


SNA provides bus travel, to and from school, only for students living in West Surabaya who need transportation service to SNA Campus (Waru-Sidoarjo). The pick up point is at PLA Darmo Campus with the following schedule:


Pickup Location Time to Depart Expected Arrival at South Campus
PLA Darmo Campus 06 : 10 AM 07 : 20 AM


Leaving from SNA Main Campus Expected Arrival at PLA Darmo Campus (Approx.)
3 : 15 PM 4 : 00 PM

This service incurs an additional charge per trip as follows:


A non-refundable and non-transferable fee is invoiced monthly for school transport from PLA Darmo Campus to SNA Main Campus including 1 free chaperone for ELC to Year 3 students.

One Way 1,350,000
Round-Trip 1,950,000

Please contact our receptionist at +62 31 8531920 or email to marketing@sna.piagetacademy.org for transportation booking and the arrangement.




Healthy students are better learners, and academic achievement bears a lifetime of benefits for health. We want all students to be able to learn about health and wellbeing to ensure they acquire skills to have healthy, happy lives. Our Health and Wellbeing Department is comprised of high-qualified and caring nurses who continuously work with government, reputable health institutions, partners and communities to prevent diseases and reduce health risk within the school community and to promote health and wellbeing to all students, parents, teachers and staff. Our work model is student-centered and emphasizes the role of the community in supporting the school and the importance of evidence-based policies as well as the close-monitoring practices.


At SNA, we provide specially catered services to help ease the burden and anxiety faced by many parents and students regarding their future, higher education and university application. To assist and guide students, we have appointed a very knowledgeable and resourceful counselor team to provide the following service:

  • • Preparation class for overseas study
  • • Regular career counseling sessions
  • • University application assistance

Your child will be guided and mentored by several key staff that are fully committed to help his/her progress in and out of the classroom. By truly getting to know your child’s abilities and interests, hopes and fears, he/she will be understood, encouraged and inspired to achieve both educational and life goals.


School meals are inclusive in Tuition Fees for Early Learning Centre (ELC) grade level and are provided daily by a caterer approved by the school board. The meals for ELC students are carefully designed to provide a variety of food choices that accommodate student preferences and meet the health guidelines. By limiting salt, fat, and sugar content while increasing the number of vitamins and minerals, their meals are more nutritious.

If your child requires a special diet or has food allergies, please inform the school nurse or the respective teacher.


A safe and secure environment is a prerequisite for effective teaching and learning. Our well-trained and dedicated security team takes all necessary measures to maintain the school safety and provide excellent support to students and parents. Our 24/7 security guards have been managing an outstanding performance in their service for years by recognizing building security concerns, and mitigating violent situations in the school environment.

Equipped with CCTV / surveillance cameras in public areas and partnering with the local police stations, our security guards are prepared in sheltering students from violence, bullying, and exposure to harmful elements such as drugs and potential threat from outside.

All school community members should be aware that they will be monitored and their actions are recorded while in school premises.


It is imperative that our student body take an active, and visible leadership role in our school community. They are responsible for initiatives to improve the quality of school life and spirit and affect changes in the most positive, and needed way possible.

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